Today’s Devotional

"My child, give your life to me and live a righteous life that honors and glorifies me. I am the oil that helps your engine, which is your life, operate smoothly. How long do you think you can last without seeking me?..."

Getting the signal to change your oil

The change oil light pops up when the supply of oil into the engines of a vehicle is pumped at a low pressure leading to failure or delayed activity of the engine system of a vehicle. This means that the vehicle cannot be operated in such a condition since it can only cause more damage to the vehicle. Therefore there is a need for change in the oil pumping system of the vehicle.

My child, like the vehicle signals failure of oil supply to its engine system which is a vehicle’s life system and requires change for it to keep operating, if you have been living a life that opposes me or one that does not please me, let the change oil light signal in your life be a wake up change call to you.  The change oil light signal in your life is me, the Lord calling you. Heed to my call. It is time for you to stop, take a turn and give your life to me.

Precious one, I ask you today; How long do you think you can operate in life without me? How long can a vehicle continue operating after it signals change oil light? In fact, operating the vehicle after signaling the change oil light leads to more damage. Dear one, accept me into your life and listen when I call. Give your life to me and I will honor you. I will shower you with my blessings and favor. I shall change your life to greatness in those times of the change oil light signals (low and dark times). It is at those times of difficulties that you should call unto me, maintain steadfast faith and trust in me. My child, I am yours as you are mine.

Accept me as your mechanical engineer.

Just as the change oil light signals the need for the vehicle to be attended to by a mechanical engineer, the same thing the change oil light signals in your life. My child, are you so damaged that you feel tired and weary to keep living? Are the dark times overpowering you and weighing you down? Worry not, for I shall come to your rescue. Cast your burden and worries unto me. Allow me to be your mechanical engineer and influence change and give you a new happy life for all eternity.

Ignoring the change oil light signal.

Dear one, heed to and obey my call. By ignoring my call, you will miss out on my greatness and miss out on the chances of receiving my blessings. You will be creating room for the enemy to overpower and gain victory over you, the enemy shall crush and destroy you. Battles against the devil are spiritual battles and the only way you can achieve victory is by my power. Without me and by ignoring my call, you are creating room for darkness to bring destruction upon your life. Choose wisely, for every choice has its consequences.

Beloved, when you detect the change oil light signal in your life, you realize it is time for change. I want you to embrace change and so you should therefore avoid behaviors that do not please me. Refrain from the lifestyle that dishonors me.

Reflect on These Words Today

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

(1 John 1:9)

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