Today’s Devotional

"Dear Child, I Will Restore Your Life despite Your Sins..."

Allow Me Restore Your Life

Homes are prone to water damage either from rain getting through the rooftop or from leakage of pipes. Such incidents cause destruction of the interior of your home making it inhabitable. It is uncommon for a person to live in a home that is filled with water, so in a situation where water damage occurs, a water damage restoration process is urgently needed. 

My dear child, destruction and damages are inevitable in which some may be your fault while others happen unexpectedly. To recreate a room and restore it after water damage can be costly because it will require purchases of new items depending on the extent of the situation. Such are the instances that I will not leave you for they can be mind blogging and can easily get over you. Just like you find ways on how you will restore your home after water damage, allow me to fix your life whenever you are broken. Do not suffer in silence or allow the problems in your life to overwhelm you. No matter how broken you are, I will restore your life, and it will be better than it was.

Hiding away from me and not involving me in your life, would mean that despite the errors you make against my will, my mercies will not see you through days of comfort. Happy are those who allow me into their lives for I take care of them and they are assured of another chance to correct their mistakes whenever they fall short of my glory. If you repent and call unto my name, I will restore you back to me. Just like a good engineer ensures water damage restoration in an efficient manner, I will protect you from a recurrence of any water damage by making you aware when it’s about to happen.

Bringing You Back Through Trust to Me for A Better Life

Even after water damage restoration, there is a likelihood of damage happening again. It is not certain that the pipes in your house won’t burst and cause another water damage. This gives you a reason to stay alert by making sure pipes are well connected or checking whether the ceiling is well sealed, inadvertently a damage would happen due to your lack of confidence. 

Dear one, surety of anything under the world is only through me. Uncertainties you get from things you do or plan to do can only be kept away by me. I protect you from dangers such as that of water damages and to be sure that they do not happen again is possible if you keep me close to you. When one restores their houses after water damage, they tend to have fear that another one will happen but through me it can be averted. Relentlessly, trust me with your life to put you away from inconveniences endlessly.

My child, troubles in life will come upon you but they will not last for everyone who has been born of me overcomes the world. Your faith in me will protect you from water damages and when restored, they will not happen again. When I restore you, I will take you to another level of life that you never dreamt of. When you seek restoration from me in prayer, I will give you twice as much as you had before. Whether you are separated from me because of sin, I will bring you back into relationship with me so that your lives can be filled once again with purpose and contentment.

Reflect on These Words Today

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

(Psalm 51:12)

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