Today’s Devotional

"Dear Child, You Are Liable To Damages Of Life, Call Unto Me And I Will Save And Heal You From Them..."

Let Me Offer Aid Urgently As The Emergency Flood Repair Does

Any type of emergency calls for instant intervention. At home or a commercial business, flood emergencies can result in severe destructions hence immediate action for emergency flood repair is necessary to save one from incurring huge costs and to minimize damage.

Similar to the fast speed that a home is put back together to its original condition after an emergency flood occurs, I will make your life more delightful by mending the brokenness in your life. My child, I will intercede in your life at the time you feel devastated. Accept me and let me be your protection so that I can always come to your aid immediately you need me and rescue you from human frailty liable to causing damage in your life just as engineers run to conduct an emergency flood repair after the occurrence of an emergency flood. 

When one delays conducting emergency flood repairs to their home, the place becomes more dangerous to live and diseases are rampant due to the contamination of water and repairing will be more expensive than how it would have been if they had acted fast. If you exempt me the way you ignore reaching the services of emergency flood repair, you will experience suffering in your life.  Nothing in life will go perfectly or according to your well-laid plans and this will break your heart. I can renew your life and conquer any suffering if only you cling unto me, allow me to repair your fractures, and be open to my assistance and healing.

I Am A Guaranteed Retriever To The Services Of An Emergency Flood Repairer

After experiencing a flood, you will conduct an emergency flood repair in your home or place of work but doing this does not guarantee that flooding won’t recur. Another flood damage might happen unexpectedly and you will need to conduct an emergency flood repair once more. My child, you will face challenges similar to floods in your life when you least expect them and that will be an emergency case. However, worry not for I will offer you unending aid and once the damage from the floods of life is repaired, it will never recur. I will rejuvenate and put back together with the pieces of your heart. 

Oh, Faithful one, you will experience hardships in your life but seek me in prayer for in calm and storm I am with you. I will show mercy to you and will open your heart in generosity to feel my kindness towards you. Before you are offered the emergency flood repair, you can’t stop being distressed about whether the house is even repairable and whether everything will go back in place. I will be your rock when the earth refuses to halt and I will shelter you under my wings when your home no longer exists. 

When flood damage happens, there are some treasured things you can’t replace even with how fast it was to seek the emergency flood repair. This is similar to some instances in life where one experiences the brokenness of losing their friend, family or loved one.  They may get sick and you rush them to a medical center, but then it becomes too late for them. In such instances, I am never late and I will give you the courage to face the long road of restoration ahead. My blessings will be upon you and you will take the next step in Life from my grace and strength towards you. Always seek me in prayers for I am your refuge.

Reflect on These Words Today

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar their wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

(Isaiah 40:31)

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