Today’s Devotional

"Dear Child, Ask Help from Me and Free Yourself from Debts..."

Approve Of Me as Your Creditor

The inadequacy of money deprives a person from purchasing things or enjoying services of their desire. People have embraced the use of credit in their day to day livelihood. For instance; Using credit to buy groceries or services such as having your hair done. The convenience of use of credit is highly appreciated despite the demerits that come with using it.

My beloved, life may not be easy at all times. You may find yourself having exhausted all your options as to where to get money from to fulfill some unavoidable needs. In these times, you may feel as if my help is distant and my loving hand removed. Be certain that I am watching and you’ll receive my help away from your financial constraints. I want you to trust me in the same way creditors trust you with items you have not fully purchased.Trust me for provision towards your needs. 

When you refuse to rely on me in the distribution of your necessities, it is similar to applying for a credit card and it fails since you have not met some qualifications. This leaves you frustrated wondering where to turn to for assistance. Boil down all your needs into one, and seek me. Let me be your creditor to always take care of your needs. As long as you have allowed me shelter in your life, I will always give you whatever it is that you need and not necessarily because you asked for it but because I see how you earnestly desire to have the needs met.

Request My Aid: Not a Creditor’s

When one fails to meet the obligations and ends up defaulting on credit terms, he or she attracts their card being frozen. When you get in such a position, this leaves you with a burden of having to save up to raise the full amount of the item you want to buy. Most times you end up not even buying it because you cannot afford it just at once. This would leave the borrower broken and they are likely to be pessimistic towards credits.

To be able to have anything in life once you feel the need is, not by another option but, through me. My dear child, it is through me you can get what you thought you’ll never have. Have me as your credit, to key in anything you want at any time you want to. Aside from using credit cards, I will meet your needs in the ways I know best. Worry not of lacking enough but rather seek my abundant provision to you. I am the source of life and will always be your sustainer. If I am all you have, then you are assured that you have all you need. Open your heart to trust me with your life.

Oh beloved, you will endure through pressures in life of being unable to provide for you and your family. Set your worries and needs to me. Ask for what you want in prayer, and you will receive only if you have faith. Allow me credit you with life and all that it comes with. Have hope in me for a better tomorrow if your present isn’t fulfilling. Live your life with convinced expectations, aware that your hopes are essential to me. I will overflow you with my blessings.

Reflect on These Words Today

If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

(John 15:7)

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