Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, tomorrow is not promised; But I am a guarantee to always be present..."

Allow Your Private Insurer To Lead You

Anyone who has been involved in an accident or has been hospitalized for a long time and expenses incurred became a burden to them cannot joke when the topic of advantages of insurance are discussed since they understand how it has saved them. 

Having insurance is an assurance that one can face any type of problem in life because of the endorsed compensation.


My child, not only will I be available when you are sick as the insurance does but also anytime you will need me. In the day or night, I will always be by your side. Don’t make me your last resort but rather a priority because I am ready to have you right close to me. In me, you will find assistance and peace of mind. I understand sometimes you work hard towards something and give it your best and then it turns out not to pay off as well as you expected. This leaves you feeling hopeless and stressed. You feel unworthy of deserving another second of this life. On such occasions, just as the insurance is attainable when needed,  I will be by your side when you seek me early.


Having to do life with my absence in it, is the same way as having a huge business without insurance and in case it catches fire then you would suffer a great loss. Those who choose to incorporate me in their lives are not prone to any loss but rather I will look after them consistently. Entrust me with your life and allow me to be your private insurer. As the insurer compensates the insured, those that love me will inherit substance and I will fill their treasures. Call me in truth and I will be near you. Build up your faith in me and you will never lack my presence in your midst.

My Presence Is Affirmed To That Of An Insurer

In some cases, an insurer may take a long time to come through in compensating the loss incurred. In instances such as that of a business catching fire, processes are conducted to assess the damage made. This may take time before a settlement is done leaving a person stressed and on a financial decline. This is when you rush to seek me and try my capability to intervene for you so that everything goes fast.


Beloved ones, most of you wait until life makes a turn and your achievements turn into problems so as to reach me. Like the insured party has to wait until an accident happens so that they realize the significance of insurance, wait not until you are facing tribulations so that you may invite me into your life. My presence in you is neither temporary nor delayed. I will always avail myself and make you feel my presence due to the unending peace that comes with it. I will grace you with favor when you make me your all-time insurance to always compensate you even with the least that you think you need. Remember that despite any challenge that you experience, do not let your faith in me wear out.


Put your trust in me with all your thoughts and heart. Challenges may persist but that does not mean that I am not watching nor hearing your prayers. My timing is always the best for I will not let you get lost in the jungle under my watch. Come to me willingly with no doubts and see me walk with you every step of your way. I say, Believe, for it is me who created you and put you in this world and it is me who knows your tomorrow.


Reflect on These Words Today

“Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go.”

(Joshua 1:9)

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