Today’s Devotional

"Dear One, Let Me Be Your Strength And Refuge, For I Am A Present Help When You Get In Trouble..."

Run To Me As Your Emergency Room.

Having health issues can be really stressful for anybody. Sometimes you or a loved one can get a medical condition that makes you feel quite ill and you probably don’t know how to handle it. An emergency room is the safest place for you to go to because immediate assistance is offered.  Any life-threatening situation can be reserved in an emergency room since there is a readily equipped team that will take care of you.

My child, life can hand you situations that you didn’t expect, which may seem to need urgent assistance. The first thing you may do is panic, be fearful, or seek refuge from the wrong place. You have been in positions where you just want to feel safe and assured that someone is taking care of you, just as in an emergency room. Though fear may keep you from seeing my present help, always remember that there is someone who will take care of your most dire needs, even if they seem difficult to change.

Precious child, just as you do whenever you visit an emergency room, tell me what worries and upsets you. Ask me for guidance first because my help can come swiftly in ways you do not understand. Take your time to know me, and allow that to give you assurance on how important you are to me. As an emergency room staff, I know how to solve your unrest and problems. Run to me in hope, faith, and trust. My arms are always open wide, just like an emergency room, you can reach me at any time for anything. Be at peace beloved, because I will take care of you at all times.

I Care For You.

When you walk into an emergency room, everyone seems so busy, there is always someone else who needs attendance. Immediately the doctor is with you, he will do what he does best. It may not feel like it, because they can check in on you once in a while and get called almost immediately. However, emergency care staff really care about their patients as that is their primary job.  In an emergency room, the staff is always working to make sure the patients are urgently attended to, so though your problem may be dire, and you may think they don’t care because they have taken their time, you are always their primary concern, for you to settle down and be assisted as soon as possible.

My child, you may want things to be done immediately you need them to, and when it’s not you may quickly start finding other alternatives. For everything that happens to you, you need to take your time to understand the purpose it serves. All my workings around your life are for your good, even if you may not see it. Be patient enough to know that I will eventually make things happen and I will not allow terrible harm to come your way.

As an emergency room staff, it is my main responsibility to make sure you are kept safe and are protected. Put your trust in me, do not spend your time complaining that I did not rescue you fast enough. Believe that even when you are not seeing it presently, things are shifting to improve your situation. You are precious to me, and my love for you cannot be measured.

Reflect on These Words Today

“God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.”

(Psalm 18:30)

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