Today’s Devotional

"I gave each one of you a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control..."

Exercise self-control

My child, I see how anger has consumed you. You feel hurt and offended. You desire to retaliate and cause harm.

When someone offends you by doing or saying something that has triggered negative reactions in you, you snap and in response say something back that offends them or take an action to hurt them. They get on the last good nerve and turn you evil as you develop an intention of hurting them just as they hurt you. Why do you give situations and people power to control you? What difference will it make by responding to that which has offended you if the damage has been done? What has been done to hurt you has already been done and it cannot be undone, what matters is what follows as your response. Master patience before you make a response.

Dear one, come to me whenever people offend you.  Turn to my word and it shall help you display self-control.  Bring that situation to me, and my power shall give you a restrain and control on how you respond to the situation. In such situations, pray that I may bestow upon you my spirit so that it may lift you up and have you give a much better response. There is so much power in relying on my power and all that is sufficient for you. Do not give power to the situation instead take control by my power.

Child, always remember that the enemy has ill intentions for you. He gladdens when he watches you make bad decisions due to lack of self-control. Self-control is not only necessary when you are dealing with others and situations but also on how you deal with yourself. Embrace self-control generally in everything in your life. Self-control will help you make the right decisions and deny yourself that which you do need or is harmful to you. Submit and tap everything in your life to my power and you shall have total self-control.  For I am a faithful God, by my grace, I have given to you the Holy Spirit so that he may work in you and produce self-control in you so that you may not easily fall into temptations.

Beloved, pray that I may always power to move away from situations that do not deserve your attention and response. That I bestow you my spirit to give you self-control over everything in your life.

Manage your anger.

My child, anger has become a part of you as you are living in a world where people do not value feelings as they just do anything they want without your feelings in mind. This makes you feel bitter, hateful, and angry towards those that have done wrong to you. 

My child, whenever you feel angry, come to me so I may help you manage it. I get angry too when you fall short on my commands but unlike you, I do not hate or plan evil against those that have wronged me. I will give you the courage to address the issue that has angered you so you may be free from it. I will give you the power to forgive those that have hurt you so that you may let go of those feelings of anger. 

Beloved one, the enemy has the desire of devouring you in those moments you feel angry as during those moments, if not controlled, you may result in sinful responses in anger. The enemy rejoices and feeds off from those times you are not yourself. Do not give the devil power over you for I am here to help you in those times of anger to maintain your sobriety.

Pray that I may root out anger in your heart and that I give you the power to forgive and let go.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls.”

(Proverbs 25:28)

“For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”

(James 1:20)

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