Today’s Devotional

"Be kind and love one another as I have loved you. I am love and love conquers all..."

Embrace Self-Forgiveness

My child, let go of the guilt of your past mistakes and sins. I see how tired and weary you are from hating yourself for the sins and mistakes you have done. You are disgusted by the choices you have made along your journey and you punish yourself with every day that passes by. You desire to move on and live the past behind but the mistakes and decisions you made keep haunting you. Your soul is not at peace. You plead and cry to me to give you the courage to forgive yourself so that you may focus on what’s ahead. You pray for peace and freedom from the bondage of your sins and mistakes.

Dear one, come to me and I shall grant you healing. I will give you the courage to embrace self-forgiveness. I will heal all your wounds and the scars will be a testament of my love and grace to you. I will save you from drowning in the misery and suffering of your sins and past mistakes. You may have made bad decisions that dishonors me due to the circumstances such as financial crisis that may have had you engaging in sexual immoralities through prostitution to provide for yourself and your loved ones. The guilt of your sins feeds on your soul and has subjected you to darkness.

Child, you are cleansed, purified, and forgiven. Forgive yourself as I have forgiven you. Understand just as I understand that it is in your human nature to be imperfect and have flaws. Love yourself and accept your flaws. Find comfort in my love despite your sinful ways. You are free so refrain from living in the past. Do not let the enemy keep trapping you in the guilt and darkness of your sins. You are victorious against the enemy. The enemy has the intention of keeping you from the greatness that lies ahead by trapping you in the darkness. Embrace my light and commandments and you shall live righteously. Let not the circumstances you face lead you into sin rather cast your situations unto me and wait patiently for my grace and power to change your situation. Have faith and trust in my purpose and timing.

Beloved one, you are a child of my light. Come to me and I shall give you the hope and courage to embrace a new beginning. I will turn your despair and suffering into joy and happiness. I will free you from all your anxieties. I will guide you away from temptations and from the clutches of the enemy. My love will teach you to forgive, love, accept and value yourself.

Forgive Others.

I am aware of the bitterness, hurt, pain, and anger you feel towards those that have wronged you. You want to retaliate and hurt those that have betrayed you and caused you pain.

Why do you subject yourself to pain by failing to forgive others? Don’t you know that true happiness lies in forgiveness? Dear one, no one is perfect and you should know that because you do wrong and sin as well as it is in your human nature. Free yourself from the bitterness, pain, and anger towards those that have wronged you to receive healing. Pray that you may let go of the grudges against others so you may find true happiness and peace. Failing to forgive will trap you in bitterness which will affect you and those around you.

My child, be kind, loving, merciful, and compassionate and forgive others just as I forgive you. Extend the gift of forgiveness to others so that they may receive peace and for you to receive healing.

Beloved one, come to me and I shall ease your heart. I will free you from the pain and bitterness and give you the courage to forgive others. My love and grace will heal you and enable you to move forward. Be compassionate, kind, merciful, and forgiving to others and I shall reward you greatly.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

(Ephesians 4:32)

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