Today’s Devotional

"Free your hearts from trouble. I will heal, strengthen, confirm, establish, and restore you..."

I will renew and restore you.

Embrace my recovery, restoration, and renewal plan for you. My child, I see the pain and suffering that you are in. You are in distress and cry out for help for deliverance from the state of misery, failure, and brokenness. The wages of your sins have poisoned your soul with darkness. You feel sad and weary. Your eyes are puffy from the tears of suffering and the wounds that have been caused by you, by others, and experiences in your life.

Dear one, worry not for I shall restore you. I will transform the misery and suffering that you are experiencing into joy and success by my amazing power and grace. I shall recover and multiply all that you have lost and make you whole again. I will heal you of all your wounds and restore your peace. Do you not know that you are restored through the salvation of my son Jesus? Are you not aware that I put my own son through suffering and death so that you may be renewed and restored? Embrace me into your life by embracing my salvation and living righteously. Child, do not take advantage of my mercy and love by engaging in sin simply because there is salvation. Do not give power to the enemy over your life by living unrighteously. Given an opportunity, he will destroy you and make you feel unworthy. The financial crisis you are in makes you feel discouraged and unfortunate. Submit your struggles unto me and watch how I transform your life. Have faith in me and I shall improve your financial situation and take you to greater heights.

You may feel unworthy of my salvation but I assure you that you are enough. Come as you are for you are worthy to me. I will pick up your broken pieces and weariness and adjust you to the best version of yourself. Fear not for I shall restore what the enemy has brought destruction upon. I will protect you from the enemy. I will be your hope and strength to help you fight your battles. Rejoice in me for you are saved.

Embrace positivity.

My child, mindset is everything. Adopting a positive mindset will see you through all the situations in your life. Dear one, when life subjects you to challenges, always remember that everything that happens in your life is to serve my purpose. Instead of giving up and losing hope in the face of adversities, believe that failure and suffering are the milestones towards your success.  Believe that the difficult situations in your life are temporary and in my own time, I shall fulfill my promises to you. Your scars will be a testimony of my steadfast love, power, and grace. Embrace a positive outlook on everything in your life especially in the hard times as it will give you hope, comfort and keep you on the right path with me. Positivity will sustain your faith and maintain your patience in me.

My child, I am always with you. Cast your fears, anxieties, and burdens unto me. Your struggles are mine. Be at peace for you are victorious in me. Maintain a sober mind and adapt positivity whenever the enemy has subjected you to difficulties. Have faith in my timing and in me for I have great plans for you.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

(Psalm 51:12)

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