Today’s Devotional

"I will defend you and bring justice to you. Worry not for I am always with you..."

I will protect you from troubles

My child, I will set you free from the bondage of evil and sin. The enemy has left you weak and weary. He has caused destruction in your life by his deceitful ways. He has put you in a state of panic and confusion. Fear has taken over you for you feel that you have no guidance and protection. He has made your life meaningless as he has robbed you of your joy and peace. Your entire being cries and pleads for help from me for you are breathless and horrified.

Child, the enemy takes delight in seeing you in a state of lifelessness. He feeds on your fears and anxiety. You boost his power when you choose to live in sin by embracing the pleasures of the world other than walking in my light. The enemy will make you oblivious to whatever happens in your life by creating a sense of normalcy while you live in sin such that you will become too comfortable without my presence.

Dear one, how far do you think you will go without my presence in your life and burdened by your sins? How far will the addiction that does not honor me that you have developed and incorporated in your life sustain you? I am aware you are struggling with that addiction that has caused failure in your life. The enemy has created a sense of comfortability in your addiction and before you noticed it, it drew you into darkness.

Beloved, worry not for I will defend you from the injustices that the enemy has subjected you to. I will fight your battles and grant you victory. I will defend your soul from the destruction of the enemy and breathe life into you again. Through the salvation of my son Jesus, you are free and safe. life. Do not be discouraged in the darkness for darkness draws you closer to me. You cannot exist in it and that is when your soul will cry out for help from me. As your father, I will come to your defense and lift you up. Take relief for I will make things right for you. Choose to walk in my light and in righteousness and your life will find its purpose again.

Dear one, you can rest your grieving soul in me.  Pray that I will guide you by strength and bring justice and victory to your soul. Fear not for you are suffering but not defeated. I will be your rock, hope, and shield in defense from your enemy.

I will guide you.

Life is full of temptations and if not careful you might fall into the enemy’s trap. By my mercy and love I, the Lord, have laid out laws that you may follow and obey to achieve my righteousness and protect you from evil and sin. My commandments will guide you whenever the enemy is drawing you into failure and defeat. 

Beloved, I am in pain whenever I see you suffering because of your choices. In as much as I love you, I am afraid I cannot turn a blind eye when you fall short on living in accordance with my commandments. You will suffer the consequences and I do not merry in it. Child, the good news is, I have made a way for you that will guide you out of your misery. Choose to embrace my salvation and living righteously and you shall receive my power and grace into your life.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“And this will go away in eternal punishment, but the righteous in eternal life.”

(Matthew 25:46)

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