Today’s Devotional

"I Care About You, Give All Your Worries And Trouble to Me..."

I Am At Work In Your Lowest Times.

I know how hard it is for you to stay motivated and optimistic through your losing seasons, but let “trust the process” be your encouragement for each of these moments. Everything that happens to you and the suffering you are going through is all a part of a bigger purpose. The experience you are going through is similar to that of my other children, while you may have seasons in your life that have been filled with success, our communication is thriving well, and they’re very few problems, you also have experienced the times that have defeat, loss, and my silence. In those moments, you have often felt the need to start doubting and abandoning me, even though we still have had good times together. Be reminded that all this is part of the process my child, and this process to cleanse and sanctify you.  I am transforming you in and out and changing you into my image. Even when you feel lonely, you are not alone, whether the people in your life are struggling to connect with you or have left, know that I am there for you to lean on me. My love for you is unconditional and perfect, and I will always be with you. I do not get tired of you, so I will never abandon you.

My dear child, I know the conversations you have in your heart, trying to figure out the purpose of the loss you experience, or whether I am just doing things because I can.  Yet I who started the whole season will be able to complete it when it has served its purpose. Continue having faith, repenting, and trusting this process, be assured that the result of it will be much bigger than the problem you have gone through.

I Stick Closer Than A Brother.

Beloved, though the hills are removed and the mountains are shaken, my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor the peace I will give you be removed. You have times when you feel so lonely and you long for someone to be there for you and support you. You may be going through experiences in life where you feel nobody will understand you, or you feel like you have issues that are too hard and can never be resolved.  With these lies, you may result in living an unhappy life, that is spent in pity-party and isolation. 

Everyone else may leave, but I am a friend who will stick closer to you than a brother. Sometimes, family also abandons you, yet those are the people you should trust the most. I know you on a deep and intimate level, much more than any other person would.

There are those things that you have done that are so intense that you have not dared to tell anyone about because you know you will experience judgment from people. Could be adultery, the sinful thoughts you have, or something that would make people cast stones on you. Yet while this is wrong, I welcome you with my arms both wide open, not condemning you. Come and let us reason together and find a solution to these vices that you are ashamed of or that bring accusation to your name. I will not detach from you because I am holy, rather, I will give you a chance to rise again. Come to me with full trust that, patiently will listen to you, and I will wipe your blame and pain away, and set you free to live wholly once again.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble”

(Psalm 9:9)

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