Today’s Devotional

"Dear Child, Cast All Your Anxieties To Me, Because I care For You..."

Let Me Be Your Life Insurance.

Whenever you go for life insurance, it is because you know that anything can happen in life, even the things you don’t want. You understand that life insurance will protect your loved ones even when you are not there. Even if you know there is not much you can do at that moment, you desire that they will feel safe and cared for. You pay affordable life premiums on a monthly basis, and they assure you that they will be there in your worst time.


My precious one, I see the anxieties that fill your mind, I see the questions you ask yourself, that if you are not there, who will take care of your family? Do you forget that I kept you when you didn’t have anyone around you? You work so hard and you do your best to make sure you have provided and kept your family safe. I surely can never forget you at any one time. Like life insurance, I will be with you till the end. Through those dark moments that you cannot even explain to anyone. I will be your insurer and I will provide for all your needs. Call on me like you would insurance when you need help. I am there to listen and to cater to all your needs.


Having a relationship with me is enough security for you, you do not have to be paying premiums like you would for insurance. I just want you to be close to me, my beloved child. I want you to talk to me about your concerns, even the least ones. Cast all your burdens unto me I will never dismiss them. It is my joy to see you safe and at peace. Let me be your first choice of insurance before you seek any otherworldly support. Listen to your heart, I am always speaking to you, be keen and you will know it is me. Have rest in your spirit, my child, let me take care of you.

Get Insurance That Listens To Your Needs.

Whenever you are getting insurance, you look for a company that will listen to your needs. you do not want an insurance salesperson who tells you what they want, without thinking of you. The purpose of insurance is to meet the needs of its client and to assure them that their specific needs will be met.


My precious one, I know that it is hard to find people who genuinely care about you. People have so much going on in their lives, such that even if they wanted to be fully there, it is sometimes difficult. However, I am your father and my greatest pleasure is listening to you and telling me about the high and low moments of your life. Let me be your real insurer who truly cares about you and can change things in your favor. Just as you would ask your insurance company many questions to feel assured, do not hesitate to ask me questions about your future. Ask me whatever you want, because the heavens are ready to bless you abundantly when you seek me. Do not wait until you are stuck, run to your father and let me take the lead. If you were worried that nobody ever cared for you enough, let that end today. I am here for you always.

Reflect on These Words Today

“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.”

(Isaiah 43:2)

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