Today’s Devotional

"Submit Yourself Before Me And The Enemy Will Flee From You..."

Flee Distractions.

I know there are times when you have a deep desire for me and you are not satisfied with anything else, you never know how much you missed to worship until you are in my presence. You may be feeling very anxious, and you are constantly trying to keep up with the world, but each time it leaves you feeling broken and pressured. Your flesh may have hindered you from experiencing me as you would want. Sometimes life is so hard and you are trying to make sense of everything that is happening and you can’t seem to get it. You desire to have rest and just wake up with no more tears or worry. With the busy life that has been happening, you do not have time to think about me as much. There are many things that you are finding more precious than me and they are taking up almost all your time.  Think about the things you have allowed to take my time, it cannot be being busy, because love makes time. These things may come in good forms and you may hardly think it’s them, could be family, work, church, or even a service you do to me. No matter how right they seem, they have made you neglect me in prayer. 

My child, when no one understood you, I did. When the world lies to you that you need these things and you should sacrifice everything to get them, I am reminding you that I love you, and I have never left, it is you who left me and now you are dry and empty with all these material possessions and prosperity. There is nothing that will be more satisfying than having my presence in your life, everything becomes more precious and good.

Desire My Presence In Your Life.

When we spend more time together, everything becomes more intimate. The moments of worship become so beautiful, such that when you start, you can’t put an end to it, there is a deep desire to continue, seeking and listening. Try it again my child, and let’s have an encounter. I desire to see your heart be on so much fire that it breaks your heart to leave my presence. What is holding you back that you cannot experience this again? Let me be enough in your life, that way nothing will stop you from seeking me. Seek me, and everything else will follow.

My dear one, it is never too late to seek more of me. You may have a tendency to be faithless, but I have always been by your side watching you and waiting for you to pick up your spiritual life. I want you to grow in a deeper knowledge and intimacy with me. And build a love relationship with you, but you have to allow me in. You should be ready to remove the things that are holding you back, it is not just the word, but the action you take.  Let go of those things that so easily entangle you.

My child, you may have gone everywhere to seek that fulfillment with no success, so run to me and enjoy your life in me. I know how you feel like something is missing but you cannot put a finger on it.  You have a longing that needs to be satisfied, and a thirst that needs to be quenched. It’s time to go back to the moments where I was the center of your life, but you are willing to listen by being still.  Let me remind you of my love and show areas you need to grow in. There are many things I want to tell you which you do not know, do not keep me waiting much longer.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.”

(Psalm 32:7-8)

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