Today’s Devotional

"You, Will, Lack No Good Thing When You Seek Me..."

Lean On Me.

Sometimes, you may be living your best life. You may be super involved in your spiritual life, your marriage is working, your kids are doing well at school, you are not struggling financially, and you may feel like you are living your calling. I have seen each day when you put on my holy armor and go to battle, I know your desire to walk righteously and how you have done your best to uphold my word.  You may be fighting the good fight of faith, and loving how things are going, until one-day life just happens and things are changing. Your life can crumble so fast, even when you stand right with me, and you may wonder what the matter is.

My child, I know you have faced a tough season, where your whole life shattered and you kept wishing it was a dream if you can only wake up. It may have been dealing with a divorce, from a marriage that was seemingly doing well, and you just didn’t know where you lost it, it may be the death of a loved one, that left you distraught or even loss of property that you had worked so hard for. You may have sought the counsel of a spiritual mentor who truly misguided you, and now your perspective on these issues happening in your life is not so good.  

My precious one, all of a sudden, you may have felt shattered and broken and you didn’t know where to turn to. You might not be able to turn to your spiritual mentors, because they are not leading you well, you may fear the judgment you will get from people because you have been subject to it at some point and you may not turn to your family, because you may hurt them too. In all these trying times, turn to me. When your life is falling apart and your heart is bruised, I will carry you. Later when you look back to this season of your life, you will be thankful, because it is in that place, that you finally understood what it means for me to be your peace.  

I will be your refuge and shelter you when troubles come and try to damage your life. I will rise against the problems, angels to fight for you, and they will deliver you without being scarred. When you are at your weakest when the enemy thinks that he has won the battle for your heart, I will shield it with love, and though you may be present during that troublesome moment, all you will get is lessons from it.

Do Not Be Afraid.

Life is going to be hard on you at times and you are going to experience pain, that is part of the fallen world, that is filled with so much sinfulness.  Being in me does not deny the fact that things will happen to you too, but it acknowledges that when they come, you will hide in me until the storm is over. Even in the middle of the pain, you are facing my child, I will encourage you and show you new things from the experience. I will never leave you to face things by yourself, try to trust me completely, and see how things will be happening right in front of your eyes.

Beloved, many times you have felt afraid, you have wondered where you would start if things were to take a different turn. You may have pleaded and begged people along the way because you want to retain the things you have right now. You have been afraid of losing what you have, and because of this, you limit my work from taking its full course. Faith and fear cannot be in the same place, it is until you are ready to lose what you have and what you are that you will have room to touch every area of your life. If you keep holding things, everywhere I touch will be sensitive and you may refuse the whole work. Whoever is not ready to lose cannot truly be my disciple, because how will you serve two masters? The only thing you can do is lean on me and let me take the wheel. Wherever I lead you will not be a place of sorrow or pain. Run to me with your brokenness, trust that I am a safe place. When you truly surrender all that you are to me, you will have hope for the days to come.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.”

(Psalm 9:9-10)

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