Today’s Devotional

"The Lord Recompenses The Proud Doer, And Preserves The Faithful..."

Be Faithful Even With Much.

It is easy to think that you are faithful and that is how you will remain at all times, you may be fast to judge those people who are living lavishly and think that they are not handling what they have well, only for you to do the same when you get blessed. Discipline is from a decision you make and from the desire to maintain a good relationship with me.

My child, lack of something can make you be disciplined automatically because you have no other way out, but remaining faithful even in abundance is a wonderful thing. You may have started to succeed and now you are able to live comfortably. The struggles may have stopped and now, you are able to enjoy the reaping season of your hard work. Instead of it being a time to build a more secure life in me, the material resources you have, have started being your master and that is where all your focus has shifted to. you are not able to stop yourself from going down this spiral. You may be partying, drinking, getting every luxury thing, and you do not see life any other way.  You may be getting to a place where it is pretty difficult to stop this kind of lifestyle, because of the friends you keep and also it being habitual.

My dear child, you need to retrace your steps back and find which area you need to cut short. refuse the cycle of living an unproductive life, yet there is so much awaiting you to do, be the master of what goes on in your life. Indeed, I am a jealous God, I have shaped you and placed you in a good place in life, let your life now show gratefulness by being faithful and serving me. You will need to create discipline for this to happen, and in that, I will be your greatest help.

Sometimes, The Cost Is Too High.

Often when someone sins, they do not think that much will come out of it. However, nothing can be much further from the truth than this. You may have involved yourself in wrongdoing and you repent about it. The bad thing is that you may make it habitual and you keep the sin repetitive. That is taking advantage of my grace and what more sacrifice can be given for your sin?  When you don’t think there is a cost to your actions, you will continue doing it because you have nothing to lose. You may notice your life taking a strenuous direction, things are not working out as they should and whenever you pray, you feel like I am silent to you.

My child, I am well able to be offended, and my spirit grieved. I am not impassive about how you make me feel. As your father, I am invested in you and I care deeply about how you live. If this is the case then of a loving relationship, then why would you comfortably sin against me?

Sin may look so casual to you yet the consequences can cripple your entire life. It may lead to cases like divorce, having children out of wedlock, losing your job or even serving jail time. The sin may have taken you further than you were willing to go, where it would be difficult to restore what you lost.  Let wisdom be with you, to help you choose the right way to go.

Reflect On These Words Today:

“The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.”

(Psalm 37:23-24)

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