Today’s Devotional

"I Will Forgive Your Wickedness And I will Remember Your Sins No More..."

Forgive Yourself.

My message to the entire world is a message of forgiveness and reconciliation. Most times when you think about forgiveness, you think about everyone else but hardly yourself. However, it is one thing to forgive yourself-it’s something else to forgive others. You may be quick to forgive others but beat up yourself for the mistakes you have done in the past. It is not easy to forgive yourself because you take yourself through the greatest judgment and self-criticism. You have been so hard on yourself and you hold yourself more accountable than you have been doing everyone else, but how can you do better if even your slightest move is criticized?  

My child, it is time to let go of what you have been judging yourself about so harshly, and move on with me. The moment you confess your wrongdoing to me and you make amends from the bottom of your heart, then you do not have to fill yourself with so much hate, it is not appreciating my creation when you feel hate for yourself and find so many faults. You may also expect me to forgive you, while you still hold on to the issue and repeatedly go back to it, it is as if you do not fully trust me to have forgiven you already. 

 Beloved, your life is full of choices, and you have an opportunity to make your situations be positive by choosing to learn or negative, by robbing yourself off peace. When you forgive yourself, it is not letting yourself off the hook, nor does it justify what you have done. This kind of forgiveness is a show of strength and courage and shows you believe in my grace, and you choose to have faith in my finished work. Come to me and tell me of these worries, leave this burden at my feet. Let the enemy not hold you captive anymore, you are free and an overcomer, do not remain a victim of your own scorn.

Receive Your Healing.

My precious one, I want you to move on, yes, acknowledge the sin and mistakes you have done, but don’t dwell there. It beats the purpose of my work, when you feel oppressed, you are not fulfilling your mission here on earth. How will you tell others of my forgiveness when you haven’t allowed yourself to experience it?

You can never undo the things you have done or heal those you hurt, but you can invest yourself in a different place with compassion to give back what you took away, let your healing begin. You may have woken up today sensing your sins and your mistakes and felt miserable about it, you may have all this guilt in your life. Let me show you.

My child, I do not deal with you according to your sins, nor do I repay you according to the mistakes you have made. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is my steadfast love to you because you fear me.  I do not stay angry forever, rather I delight in showing you mercy. Now that you are letting this go, be kind and compassionate to yourself and to others. I will give you a new beginning and change your perspective about how to perceive the matters of life.

Reflect On These Words Today:

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”

(Colossians 3:13)

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