Today’s Devotional

“Life is like an examination room; treasure the time for every second matters..."

My beloved child, I have blessed you with the gift of life and you ought to appreciate it by fulfilling your purpose accordingly. Like the students in an examination room who do all they can to write their exams well and put effort into passing, I have blessed you with enough knowledge to accomplish the mission I have set you on. I have blessed you immensely. Whatever you do, do it diligently not with an intention of pleasing men but for my glory. When I created you, I made you in a way that you are a unique being different from any other person. Your abilities, gifts, and talents are unique hence you ought not to feel intimidated when you see others using their talents for my glory. Instead, seek me and pray that I may help you discover the amazing talents that you have. 

Do not waste your time here on earth trying to please men yet your destiny lies in my hands, not theirs. Just as students in an exam room have the freedom to choose some questions such as answering any three questions, I have given you the freedom to live your life in any way you desire. It is up to you to make and take up any decisions you feel should be taken knowing very well that with every choice there is a consequence. Just like an examination is run under time, you need to understand that life is not to be lived forever. Take it upon you to understand that your life on earth is limited thus every second matters. Through the short time you live, ensure you live a life that pleases me so that you may receive your reward of eternal life at the end of it all. Strive to obey my commandments, worship me, and be a blessing to humanity as long as you live.

The Fragility of Life

Dear child, I have placed you on this earth for a certain mission and when it is done, I will call you back home. I want you to keep in mind that the world is not your home. Would you build a permanent house in the middle of the forest yet you have to continue with your journey? As a sojourner on this earth, lead a life that pleases me. Understand that life is like an examination room where just like the students, you need to pay attention and make sure you answer everything perfectly for every second matter. In the end, I will crown you with a golden crown and reward you for a life well-lived. 

In case you ever feel that you can hide away from me, understand that I am an Omnii-present and Omni-scient God. Nothing is hidden away from me no matter how dark it is. You can never hide away from me for I am a wise invigilator. Do not be deceived that you can be able to cheat without my knowledge for the enemy is only deceiving you. I created the entire universe including the earth, the seas, the mountains, and everything in it. What part of it would you think that you can hide from me? Instead of allowing the enemy to deceive you into thinking that you can hide from me so that I can catch you, leave everything behind and choose to trust in me for I am the merciful father who forgives.

Thoughts To Reflect on Today:

“The world is passing away with everything that people crave for but anyone who does the will of God will live forever.”

(1st John 2: 17)

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