Today’s Devotional

"Dear child; You are no lesser than the rest for I have created you in my own image and likeness..."

Take advantage of every opportunity I grant you

My dear child, you need to take advantage of every opportunity in life. I have created you in my own image and likeness hence you need to stop doubting your potential but instead learn to take risks. Some opportunities will only come once in your entire lifetime hence your need not blink if you do not want them to bypass you. I see how most of the time you are hesitant to jump into taking up opportunities that I present to you because you feel inadequate. You always watch others take up what would have been yours and in the end, you become envious of them, and worse still you blame me for neglecting you and hiding my face away from you. 

Beloved, have I not created you all equally? What is it that the others have that you do not possess? Are they not human beings like you yet you let them claim what is rightfully yours? Today I want you to know that you are no lesser than them in terms of skills and suitability. Let go of your fear and learn to take every opportunity that presents itself to you. In the end, you will understand that it was all worth the risk. 

I understand that you are always busy due to the day-to-day activities of life. It is clear that the law of survival for the fittest can be so overwhelming that one barely has time for themselves since as human beings, you are in a race to make money and create the best life for yourselves. However, the best life that you should strive to get is a new life in me for it is eternal. The life you are currently living is temporary and it is my gift to you hence you ought to utilize it well by leading a holy life.

Living in the world

Oh Faithful one, there is no shortcut to gaining a share in my kingdom. Just as I have commanded you, obeying my commandments is mandatory for anyone who wants to graduate in my kingdom. Your life on earth is just a passage and it is similar to school which is a rite of passage. Therefore, I  urge you to allow the holy spirit to be your teacher for he will direct you along the right path and being a professional, you will be assured that you are not taught by a quack professional. On the other hand, let the bible be your course text for it has all my teachings that should guide you on how to live. Through the course text you can be sure that if you study it well, you can never fail your exams

Like an institution, life on earth has guidelines and tips to enable one to survive. My kingdom is for everyone who leads a holy life without diciinations. There are no tribes, races of gender in my kingdom for everyone is my son. I am a non-discriminative God who loves His children and gives them an equal opportunity to win themselves places in my kingdom. You get to decide where you will belong in the end thus be careful and be wise in your decision making.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“He has saved us and called us to live a holy life and not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace…”

2nd (Timothy 1: 10)

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