Today’s Devotional

"Beloved, My kingdom is your school; let me be your teacher..."

Let me be your teacher

Dear child, I am the true teacher and you are my student. Like a good teacher desires that his students become successful in life, I have the best interests at heart for you. Like any any student has to attend an institution of learning for them to be taught, you require knowledge on my word and to learn my ways. Be a good student, take time to study my word and immerse yourself in the knowledge of my kingdom.

I know there are times where you feel like my word is too complex for you to decode it and you lose hope in trying to study about me. For this reason, I have granted you the holy spirit as your helper. Just like you require tutors and study partners to succeed, accept the holy spirit as your study partner and let him teach you and reveal to you the truth about me. The Holy Spirit will hold your hand whenever you are walking in the dark and protect you from the unseen traps set by the enemy. Like a good teacher and partner, he will never leave your side but instead he will help you gather the confidence to face anything in life. In moments of sorrow, you need not to be worried, for the Holy Spirit will come to comfort you.

Faith in your teacher

Like students who attend school with the hope that they will gain the relevant skills and knowledge to enable them live a good life, have faith that as your teacher I will ensure that you live a fulfilled life. Just as students are hopeful and anticipate that at the end of the program, they will pass, graduate and get awarded with the relevant certificatios, be hopeful that I will reward you for living a worthy life at the end of it all. When you listen to me as your teacher, you will find it easy to navigate through all the tests of life and emerge successful. The greatest test of your life is living a life that ensures you become a part of my kingdom. In the end, those who are successful will enjoy the gift of eternal life in heaven. Pay attention to me so that you may not end up missing out on this great gift due to ignorance.


Dear child, nothing pleases me more like people who are able to trust me even when circumstances dictate otherwise. While they are hit by the storms of life, they are able to stay calm and trust that I will come to their aid. Every teacher delights to see their students succeed, get awarded degrees, and become important and respectable people in society. I am no different from those tutors because I delight in your success in life. I want you to live a life that pleases me so that you may get rewarded and not condemned for you are my child whom I live and treasure very much. In my eyes you are priceless and I delight in calling you my child. The secret to succeeding and becoming a partaker is through having faith in me. Like the numerous examinations in college, you will be tested through various challenges and your faith will be the determinant of whether you will be victorious. Be wise and hold fast onto that faith without doubt.

Thoughts to reflect on today:

“The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”

(Mark 1:15)

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