Today’s Devotional

"My dear child, your time here on earth is limited, utilize it wisely and serve me accordingly. Seek my grace and I will help you in your moment of need. I will ensure you win every battle and bless you abundantly..."

Precious one, whenever you decide you make me your God, you will need to decide with your entire body and soul. Most of the time, people have a tendency of hearing about my works, and without a thought, they claim that they are born-again. However, the decision is just a show-off because they claim to be my followers yet their actions dictate otherwise. In public they proclaim my name, sing my praises, preach about me and even give testimonies of what I have done for them in their lives yet in private they do not recognize me. When two people come together and sign a contract, do they not take time and agree on the terms and conditions? If the benefits are not favourable to each party, do they proceed with the contract? Of course not! Why then would you like our relationship to be beneficial to you alone? Today I would like you to know that you need to make up your mind with your entire being before choosing to be my follower.


It is clear in my kingdom that anyone who wants to be my disciple must leave everything behind and follow me. You cannot choose to be my follower yet you do not want to let go of your sinful life of the past. In my kingdom, people who join it without making up their minds to detach from their past and begin a new life in me end up backsliding and going back to their sinful nature. Even though I am a merciful and gracious God who forgives my children and leaves the ninety-nine sheep to go in search of the single lost sheep, it is up to you to make an individual and independent decision on whom to serve and which kingdom to call your home.

After Deciding To Follow me

Upon making a decision to follow me, you have to leave everything behind. The terms and conditions of joining my kingdom require you to let go of your earthly life.It dictates that you will face a great battle between your spirit and your flesh and you need to let your spirit win. Seek my grace and I will ensure that you are victorious in this battle. It is a call to mortify your flesh and leave behind the baggage of your past. If it gets difficult, call unto me and I will be at your rescue. It is only by doing so that you will be able to enjoy a new and eternal life in me. 

My child, I have placed my soul in you so that you may serve me and accomplish a certain purpose on earth. When the purpose is complete, I will come back and take away my soul by calling you back home. Your body is just a host to the soul and you need to understand that you will not live forever. However, do not be worried because you are my child and heaven is your home. To get there, ensure you do not be a slave of you sins but instead appease me through obeying me and living a life that pleases me.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

(Romans 8:28)

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