Today’s Devotional

"No Man Shall Be Able To Stand Before You All Your Life, I Will Not Leave You Nor Forsake You..."

Not Having A Lawyer Can Cost You More.

You have to know what is at stake when you don’t use a lawyer. A criminal case may determine whether or not you will be charged and spend time behind bars while having a civil case could hurt you financially. Good thing is that there are civil lawyers who don’t collect payments from you unless they win your case.  Also when you have a lawyer you can be able to claim legal fees as a plaintiff in a civil case.

My child, many times, people give up on me and move on to do things by themselves because they assume I am derailing them, or I simply don’t understand what they need. You may choose to deal with things by yourself, only for you to come back to me when things have gone so wrong. I am like a lawyer who doesn’t charge the fees, with my biggest inspiration being winning your case. When you are outside of me, it costs you more, because there is no guidance, and you make decisions from a one-sided view.

My precious one, when you know me, you wouldn’t live a life without me. This is because of the experiences we will have together, now and forever. In me, you will live righteously because of the transformation brought by my spirit, and you will not have anything to lose, because I have kept everything safe for you. Like a good lawyer, I desire to see you prosper, and be crowned with compassion and love. This is your time to have an abundant life and bear fruit in my kingdom.

Lawyers Have Access.

Lawyers depend on each other and have an extended network of professionals that they use to help their clients’ cases. If you are not a lawyer, you cannot personally know the type of professionals who can help you with the discovery of evidence or testimony of an opposing party. When you have a lawyer, you are able to maneuver, and you will discover some things that serve as evidence that you had no idea about.

My child, often people get opportunities based on whom they know. You may have worked hard and had the right qualifications to get a job but you end up jobless or you get a job that is entirely not relatable to you. You may feel like there are a lot of hindrances against getting the life you want, and at some point, you may feel like losing heart.  It is darkest before dawn, and though these may be the circumstances that happened first, I will open a door that will change the whole situation.

Beloved one, I have access like a lawyer, I know where the next job is, and which opportunities will work best for you.  Though these people who have this capability may have dismissed you, I will soften their hearts and keep you in their minds, until you are well secured. Those people that you thought to be too high to reach, will be able to listen to you and work with you. I will give you favor and like a well-connected lawyer, you will brush shoulders with people who you otherwise wouldn’t have known.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”

(Psalm 49:4)

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