Today’s Devotional

"I Will Put My Trust In You, When I Don't Understand How Things Are Going,..."

A House Sells With The Right Presentation.

You always wonder if your house will sell once you have put it out there. The first impression is so important in all case scenarios. Buyers search online and make a decision to come to see your house based on a quick skim of the pictures you have posted. Presentation speaks volumes, and when you don’t put out any pictures, it is easy for the buyer to assume the worst. For you to be sure that your house will sell, you have to take the best pictures of the house, and make sure the house is in good condition. not needing many repairs.

My child, choosing to view yourself as a house, do you think you would sell? Do you set the example well enough such that someone would want to know how you do things and under whose leadership?  In a world where if you don’t conform to sinfulness and worldliness you are assumed to be foolish and out of place, so many of my other children have chosen to be low standard houses that barely represent me.

Beloved, it is my desire that you walk right, in your actions, your speech, and your mind. Do not be a house that just sells outwardly but has so much damage inside. Be a good imitator of me, so that people know the path to living righteously. Follow me, precious one, and let me make you a new creation, forgo the old, and look forward to living a different life. Be willing to put in the work to make your house sell. Be a person of value, practice patience and understanding, and above all love to others.

Let Me Be Your Agent To Make Sure Your House Sells.

When you keep thinking about whether your house will sell, you have to know that sometimes there is nothing wrong with it. You might have priced it right and it is well-maintained, but the agent you have could be turning people off. The agent is the front-line representative and determines if the house will sell fast. If you want your house to sell, choose an agent with a personality, who cares, and has social skills. If you take an agent who isn’t pleasurable to deal with, then will the buyer manage either?

My child, like a good agent, I am in complete control of the situations surrounding you, even when they are frightening or painful. Take refuge in me and believe that your worries will be put to rest. Even though chaos may arise, your part is to submit to my will and trust me. You may feel the need to be in control when you want things to work out but remember my plans for you will always surpass what you envision.

Like an agent who wants to make sure the house sells, trust my capacity to make things happen. I am able to take the wheel and make sure things run smoothly in your life. Do not worry, because worry can only come when you are trying to control things you don’t have control over. My child, let me be your priority and I promise to cover everything you need. What are the areas in your life you want to control that are filling you with worry? Cast this burden unto me and rest.

Reflect on These Words Today:

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

(Psalms 9:10)

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