Today’s Devotional

"Draw Near To The Throne Of Grace, That You May Receive Mercy In Times Of Need..."

Like Gas, Let Me In Your Daily Life.

Natural gas touches almost every aspect of your daily lives. Gas helps to power your homes and work areas with electricity. Transportation has been made way easier by the use of gas. Gas also provides the raw materials for the manufacturing process. Natural gas is a key ingredient in literally every product you use on a daily basis and has allowed a huge increase in economic growth. Try to imagine life without the use of gas, the gap it would create, and how hard it may be to start all over again with an alternative resource.

My child, sometimes you may think that you have your life figured out and you are ready to create a life that does not wholly depend on me. When you constantly drift away, it may be so difficult to know which direction I am leading you to. You have pictured how hard life would be without gas, though you can take gas for granted, it can be really difficult for you to do without it. Beloved, allowing me in your daily life means that you should let me into those places that you think are too dark and lost. I know you struggle daily, and you fall. This is why, like gas; you need me to be part of your every single day.

Precious child, taking this step doesn’t come naturally, you would have to take your time to see the relationship growing.  When you use gas, everything runs smoothly, how much more will things be easier when you abide by me? I will make paths clear for you and satisfy the desires of your heart. No obstacle will stand in your way or bring down the plans I have for you.

Experience Abundance Like Gas.

It is amazing when you look at my work, the resources I have allowed my children to have is a perfect show of love. Natural gas is abundant, even with the many ways it is used. If the consumption of gas remains as it is at present, there will still be enough resources for centuries. Gas still remains versatile and flexible and can be used in place of solar and wind which depends on the sun and wind blowing. Gas is widely available and you will rarely have supply disruptions. Gas still remains cheaper than most sources of energy. When you truly think about gas, rarely will you worry that it will not be sufficient.

Beloved, many times you worry that you have to work so hard for everything you want to have. This cannot be far from the truth, however, I would want you to leave the space of scarcity you may be focusing on. You may have lacked enough several times, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough supply for everyone. My child, I want you to look up to me, and have complete faith that I am able to do far more abundantly than all you will ever ask or think.

Gas has been there for so long and everyone is using it on a daily basis, and there is no chance of it being exploited, I am the same God who has made this happen. I know the needs of each of my children, and for each, there is sufficient enough, such that you and your children will never need for anything. Rejoice that even when you don’t understand it, I will make sure you are well taken care of. Have I not fed the birds in the sky, then how much more important are you to me?

Reflect on These Words Today:

“And from his fullness, we have all received, grace upon grace.”

(John 1:16)

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