Today’s Devotional

"Dear Child, If You Worship Me And Obey My Will, I Will Surely Listen To You..."

Mortgage Has Brought Dreams To Reality.

Many people desire to own homes, mortgages have allowed people to do so by giving them a chance to make payments at a slower pace. Even if mortgages have some strict terms that you have to adhere to, when you do so, you get to experience the rewards of it. Mortgage lenders have to evaluate the capability of someone to pay and will advise accordingly.  A dream that seemed so far-fetched, has now come true for many because of mortgage loans.

My precious child, allow me to be a mortgage lender in your life. My burden is light to carry and you will not regret taking it up.  Life may overwhelm you from every area and the last thing you need is to feel pressure. Like a mortgage, I will secure you a home in me, where you will be filled with peace and rest. My child, you may think that you need to work so hard for everything. You may think that you need to earn my presence, but it doesn’t work that way. I am here because I love you. My grace and mercy follow you even when you least deserve it. You will not have to sweat your way as you would for a mortgage, just fully put your faith in me.

Paying up mortgage results in rewards through gaining possession and so will I be a reward to you when you follow me. I will make your dreams come true as nothing is ever impossible with me. I will clothe you with favor and give you opportunities that you didn’t see coming. Wherever you go, I will have gone before you. Everything you do, when you lean closer, I will guide you on it, as a mortgage lender would.

Mortgage Default Brings Loss.

It doesn’t matter how far you may have paid your mortgage, if at any point you default even past the grace period, you lose the home. When you get into such an agreement, you have to accept these terms. Mortgages can give you so much pressure to fix your finances every time and it is such a relief when you get done paying it.

My child, does being obedient bother you? The fruit of disobedience can take you further than you were willing to go. When I put my laws in place, it is not to punish you, but rather a desire that you get to experience the result of obeying me. Take my laws as seriously as you would a mortgage, and choose to adhere to them. The rewards will surely be greater than owning a home. I will give you peace that surpasses your understanding and I will supply for your every need. Your spirit is going to flourish in me, my beloved child. Come to me my child if you are heavily laden, and let me take care of you.

The world may have taught you to harden up, that you should not speak up about your issues and that you are not obligated to follow anyone. My precious one, do not fall to the deceptions of the enemy. You get to lose so much when you do not express yourself to me. Tell me what bothers you and be vulnerable to me, just as a client would tell a mortgage lender. I will find you solutions to your problems because everything is on my command. I will always fight for you, and you need to only watch and be silent.

Reflect on These Words Today

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

2 (Chronicles 15:7)

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