Today’s Devotional “You Love Knowledge When You Love Discipline, But The One Who Hates Reproof Is Stupid…” Raise Your Children Well. Children are wonderful gifts, and unfortunately today they are seen more than ever that they are such a burden. This mentality is far from what I would ever want. It is your job as… Continue reading 0256


Today’s Devotional “I am a faithful God ready to cleanse you from all unrighteousness and to forgive your sins…” The Need To Let Go Letting go of something is a very hard thing to do. It is easier to hold on to things, but I want you to trust that I have something better. You… Continue reading 0255


Today’s Devotional “You Are Deceiving Yourself If You Say You Do Not Sin, You’re Not Being Truthful To Yourself…” Keep Your Mind On Me. You may be struggling with lustful thoughts and other sinful thoughts. You may be asking yourself, what is triggering these thoughts?  You know you have to guard your heart and mind… Continue reading 0254


Today’s Devotional “The Darkness Does Not Comprehend The Light That Shines Through It…” Trust Me Even When You Don’t Understand. There are times when you don’t know what I am doing, you don’t know what to feel or what to do. You may be in a place where you don’t know why I am still… Continue reading 0253


Today’s Devotional “I Will Rescue You And Honor You, Call On Me On The Day Of Trouble…” Seek Me Even When Its Hardest When things get tough, that is when you should be seeking me the most. You may easily get discouraged when trials occur, you may give up, think nothing will work out, and… Continue reading 0252


Today’s Devotional “Ask And You Shall Receive, For Until Now You Have Asked For Nothing In My Name…” Pray, And I Will Answer You. My child, our communication is so important, you often get discouraged when your prayers are not answered in your own timing and you may be wondering, does prayer actually work? If… Continue reading 0251


Today’s Devotional “Make My Deeds Known Among Men, And Give Thanks to Your Lord…” Create Room For Me My child, are you overwhelmed with the clutter that may be filling your life? The chaos is stressful in this fast-paced society. You have so many projects with deadlines and so many responsibilities you have to fulfill… Continue reading 0250


Today’s Devotional “Trust In Me To Sustain You And Abide By Me At All Times To Receive Unending grace…” Let Me Sustain You. My child, you may have been in positions where you haven’t received proper treatment because you have depended on someone. You have felt desperate because you think there is no way out… Continue reading 0249


Today’s Devotional “I gave each one of you a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control…” Exercise self-control My child, I see how anger has consumed you. You feel hurt and offended. You desire to retaliate and cause harm. When someone offends you by doing or saying something that has triggered… Continue reading 0248


Today’s Devotional “Move forward in confidence because I have great plans for your future. Live righteously for you are a child of the light…” Be confident in me. Dear one, you are discouraged as things in your life are not going as you had hoped they would. The events and outcomes of your life have… Continue reading 0247