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Send Your Prayers To The Stone Of Anointing

Imagine having your personal prayers read at the very place where Jesus was buried and rose from the dead…

Within minutes from now, your prayer requests can be on their way to our trusted Priest in Jerusalem, where he will personally perform a blessing for them at the Stone Of Anointing. You will then receive the photos in your members' area as your receipt that your prayers have arrived and been read at Jesus’s resurrection site.

Day prayer miracle

Step: 1

We print your prayer notes

Day prayer miracle

Step: 2

We place your prayer notes on the Stone of Anointing, perform a blessing and take photos.

Day prayer miracle

Step: 3

You receive the photos of this service to your member’s area, within 2-3 business days.

Send Your Prayers To The
Stone of Anointing (Jerusalem)

Day prayer miracle

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Important: Due to limited capacity, we can only process up to 50 prayer requests per week. If you are unable to complete the checkout process it's because all the slots are filled.

Dear child of God,

Dear child of God

We want to give you the extraordinary opportunity to have your prayers read at the very place Jesus was prepared for burial after being removed from the cross. The very place where Jesus was buried, then resurrected by God.

Won’t God answer my prayers if I simply pray by myself?

One of the most powerful messages and points Jesus made while he walked this Earth, was that God is always listening to every one of your prayers.

Jesus said,

“Ask, and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

Simply asking and believing is foundational to faithful living and worshipping the Lord. But can we do more to acknowledge God's son, Jesus, his acts, and all of the work that he has performed on Earth? Certainly, because the Lord will never overlook the special effort you took to reach out to Him.

By sending your prayer to the stone of anointing you are…

…making a spiritual and energetic shift in your being and choosing to resonate with God and His son Jesus. With every single prayer, no matter how rich or poor you may be, you open your heart so that God may give you what you ask for in His good judgment… And show you His will.

It is God’s will for you to be happy;
God wants to see you:

  • Living in abundance with more than "enough" so that your cup may overflow and so that you can help others…
  • In a wonderful relationship with an honest and caring companion, and to see you both live in harmony…
  • Rid yourself of any darkness in your mind that has not yet seen the wrath and power of God's light…
  • Living in fellowship with Him, so you can expect to be happy regardless of any temporary circumstance…

All you need to do is ask God for clarity…

So, I invite you to send your prayer, and ask you to join the many others who are also sending their prayers to the stone of anointing….

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Send Your Prayers To The Stone of Anointing Today

(Only a few slots left as of today, July 15, 2024)


God can work miracles in your life starting today… When you work with God, you move mountains…

After you send your prayer to the stone of anointing, I would like you to take the time and ask anyone that has been fully devoted to God if they are in "need" or if they are struggling in life. And I guarantee you they are provided with everything they could need or want. Always.

This is your invitation to take just One Step Closer to the Lord by sending your prayer to His son's burial and resurrection site.

What is the Stone of Anointing?

  • The Stone of Unction, also known as the Stone of Anointing, is placed in the Church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Is the stone where Christ's body was laid down after being removed from the cross and prepared for burial.
  • He was anointed and wrapped in shrouds as the Jews customarily prepared their dead for burial at the time.
  • The Stone of Unction is a polished red stone and measures six meters in length and one meter wide.
  • It is customary for people to kiss the stone or rub it with oil and then wipe it with a cloth.
Stone of Anointing

Have Your Prayers Sent To And Read at One Of The Most Important Places On Earth…

Send your prayer to the stone of anointing and become one of the few people in the world to have sent their blessings directly to Jesus’s burial and resurrection site.

After you send your prayer to the stone of anointing, you will always have a special warmth in your heart knowing that you did something extraordinary to honor Him.

If you aren’t in need of a prayer or a miracle, maybe someone you know needs one. Order an extra prayer for a loved one today.

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Send Your Prayers

Send Your Prayers To The Stone of Anointing Today

(Only a few slots left as of today, July 15, 2024)


Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an email receipt just after your order. And you will be given access to our website’s members’ area, where the proof photos of the service will be uploaded within 2-3 business days.

It is a normal gesture to have a Priest, Pastor or any other person pray for you or another person along with family, friends, and loved ones. James 5:16 instructs us to do so.

The service usually takes 1-2 business days to be fulfilled, and another 1 business day for the proof be be uploaded to your members’ area. The maximum expected waiting time is 1 week.

We don't charge additional money for the service. Your donation payment will cover the costs of traveling, printing, photography, website maintenance, and security. Our main purpose is to spread the word of God and make it possible for anyone around the world to send their prayers to the Holy Land without the hassle and the expenses of traveling to Jerusalem.

Yes. Absolutely. When you place your order, you will be taken to a secure checkout page hosted on ClickBank.com. ClickBank is the biggest, most trusted online information retailer in the world. ClickBank employs the highest level 256-bit encryption technologies using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Your personal information could not be safer.

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