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I pray for healing for all my illnesses and for financial security.


I pray that I can have a place to call home and not have to worry.


To have a pain free lower back

Angelita Lopez

PRAY for all the people in FLORIDA, all of my son-in- law\'s family live there .


I lost my wife 3 years ago and I am still grieving over my loss I do not eat all I do is drink coffee all day and I have no money

Angelita Lopez

Please pray for my health and finances. Pray for my children.

Ofelia sarmientos v.



Please help pray that the cursed is removed from my family and my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier\'s family and returned back to the lady and help reunite me and my husband, and my family with his family. I have been trying to patch the 2 families together but some evil negative waves is blocking it. Please help.


Please help pray continuously that my parents and my husband\'s parents friends and relatives will stop disturbing us as they did disturb us and that is why I am separated from my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier and the 2 families are apart.


I married Dixon Peter Xavier, who lives in London on 29 May 2004. I\'m living apart from him till today. Please help pray for me that my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier will take me back and will drop me an email giving me the good news of taking me back to live with him through email.


I dreamt of my sister, Ruby Vincent The Ruby Vincent that is sleeping is the original Ruby Vincent and the other Ruby Vincent that walked out of the room is the strange and evil one, rude towards us. Please help pray continuously that this evil person will leave my sister alone so that we will have peace in the house.


I have pain on my 2 feet. Furthermore, I have swollen feet. Every night, I have electric shock feeling under my feet. I also have a bunion on my big left toe. It\'s quite painful. Please help pray for me and help and heal my 2 feet completely so that I am free from pain and suffering and I do not limp anymore.


There\'s this Jesus painting at our home, given by our relatives. Please help pray that the painting is thrown away as I feel it is evil and negative energy and wave and I find that we cannot move on in our lives and we are not able to succeed in our lives.


My younger brother, David Vincent seemed to have this anger problem. He tend to get angry very easily. He says that there is a demon in him and is controlling him. He says that he cannot control the demon in him. Please help pray for him continuously that whatever is disturbing him and that is what is making him get angry and scolding us, leave him and leave the house.


I want my enemies to go deaf and blind so that they will not hear all of my thoughts and track down all of my movements and I want them to be punished for doing this to my life, my marriage and to my family. I understand that my family and I are under curse and I want the curse to be removed.




Help my grandsons to get help for their drug use

Mary jackson

Pray and agree that God will be done to really really really really really really really toughest lots strangers hearts to help mary Jackson with cash money fiance in mountsterling ky and I am needing a brand new car to drive, 813 hawkin drive apt A hill wood appartment , I am needing God to send direct to mary jackson lots of miracles and blessing pray that I have

Mary jackson

Pray and agree that God will be done to really really really really really really really toughest lots strangers hearts to help mary Jackson with cash money fiance in mountsterling ky and I am needing a brand new car to drive, 813 hawkin drive apt A hill wood appartment , I am needing God to send direct to mary jackson lots of miracles and blessing


Lord, bless me by touching me with your healing hands. I also pray that you would bless me financially. Amen


Lord, Please pray for us, with our financial miracle to save us from a horrible situation. Please pray for my house to sell. Please pray my brother becomes stronger. Please pray for my granddaughter and her daughter and unborn son to be healthy. Please pray my granddaughter will be healthy,Thank you Lord Amen


Pray for GOD to bless me with the House that I\'ve been praying for which has 4 bedrooms and 3 &1/2 bathrooms in it.


I am praying for my grandsons to accept a Christian life. Praying my daughter to be healed. Pray for my healings. Praying for a Blessed turn around with love, Finances, home. Prayers for my two sons and their Christian walks with the Lord.


My son passed away in 2015. I want to know if he is okay, am I a disappointment? I love land miss him so much

Tina Leach mcclarin

Leach mcclarin

Lisa Adzin

I am praying for my auntie pass ways Mary Jane Lafferty love u all my heart forever ❤🙏 missing my auntie love u auntie you are in haven\'t with Angels with u always happy laughing Joy make people laugh with u love u my auntie am praying for u love u says goodbye to u mom dad love u all his heart forever ❤🙏 Amen my auntie love u ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏


Pray for me to receive healing and financial blessings. Amen.

Angelita Lopez

Angie please pray for my son Mattthew for him to change his attitude toward his family. He has no respect for his father, sister or me . He has been helped by us with all he has needed, he has not shown any appreciation at all.


Lord Almighty, I am praying for my daughter\'s health and life to improve, I\'m praying for a normal life for me and my daughter, for a loving family, for my husband to stop hating and hurting us, and for a financial miracle to save us from the terrible situation we are stuck in. In Jesus\' i pray! Amin 🙏

Marie Eve

Please help me with good result from my doctor tomorrow, give me back y back and take the pain away


please pray for my sister Melvena who is waiting to go for surgey for over a year..Please pray she will get a call today.please pray for healing for the renewing of my husband\'s mind..


Please pray for my family&I to be debt free in Jesus\'s Name..also complete &total healing for my myself,my nephew Trent in Jesus\'s name..


help my friend get what he needs money to get through this month and the medicine he needs for his diabetes he needs it to keep him alive thank you lord amen


Please 🙏 Lord Jesus Christ please bless me and my family from evil and make sure I have windfall an abundance that my wishes come true. Thank God Amen


Holyy Father reunite me with my ex Joshua J Gordon make him miss me and call me as soon as possible to get back with me. .Bring us back toeach other so we can have experience moments of joy and happiness togetherand make us fall inlove with each other and get married to each other and have a healthly loving married life together as husband and wife.

Sherry Longbrake

Dearest Lord, I ask for Healing and for Financial Blessings. Also I ask for Prayers for my Brother Chriss Marcus who is in Prison now for over 20 years and He still has 6 years to go.


JoAnne Coughlin Please Mother Mary send me a miracle for my eyes, Please pray that they are cured.


JoAnne Coughlin




Dearest lord, My Cat Pumpkin is not feeling well. I am trying to help him, but my anxiety and depression are bad right now. Please help me find the strength to be there for my fur baby and help him heal. He is only 3 years. He and his brother were brought into my life to help me heal from losing Daunte. Please help Pumpkin heal from whatever is making his tummy upset. Ame

Jennifer L Clough

Please pray for my daughter she is 19 and having issues with her dad and step mom.

Beverley Edith Gopie

I have been retrenched since 2019.I ask God for a financial breakthrough and may God guide my steps everyday. May I be obedient to Him and may I be healed both physically and spiritually


Virgin Mary, I don\'t have any requests to make right now. I want to tell you how grateful I am for your presence inside my heart. I am grateful to feel protected in everything I believe and in your many blessings that I have received since my birth. I am grateful for all the difficult moments that come in my life because they help me to grow and evolve for a greater Goo


Healing for my husband myself and my niece and my nephews.

Angelita Lopez

Please pray for my son .


Please pray for me to get this job so I can get my life back on track thank you

Junie Taylor

Please pray for the conviction and salvation of Dwayne Wilbanks! Turn his hear toward Jesus...then hopefully to me. I love him so! He\'s a good man!

Junie Taylor

Please pray that my hair will grow VERY fast. It was fried by overprocessing a perm and color, so It had to be cut short. Please pray for superantural growth. I know it wil be Him!

Deborah Borton

Prayer to God our Heavenly Father, I pray for help to stop all the noise in my head, so I can do meditation or even relax! I feel the need to always be busy, I don\'t want to! I want to enjoy life and not have my brain fixing everyone\'s problems! Teach me to relax and let you handle thee problems Amen Thank you God

Angelita Lopez

Angie please pray for my son\' s girlfriend and her daughter. They both don\'t have any respect for me or my home. They just walk into my home and don\'t even speak to me.

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