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Carolyn gilbert

bless me and my family even tho we don\'t see each other i wish u could bring all of us together while we are still here not in death. i also love the way u been in my life every step of the way because i can see you working in my life.I Jesus Name Amen.


Please pray for my 2 daughters to come home, let the father of one of the girls to let me see them n return them home to me


Father God, please hear my plea and please release the restrictions that have hindered me from taking care of the expenses that myself and my partner need to take care of. I have tried various methods and none work, I am hindered at every turn and now I am at a loss on how to get the funds that we need to go forward with our lives. Please help me Father God, Amen


Pray for my husband\'s heart to soften up and not file for divorce. And restore his salvation and restoration of our marriage


I pray we all find universal unity with one another and UNITE to improve our lives above and beyond


I pray that my lawyer wins this lord not for monetary gain but what happened could be happening to someone else ! amen


I pray my husbands heart wakes up and finds the love for me so we stay together and not go through a divorce and fix this broken family


Si.... Alors.... J\'attends.... Dès lors.... Je serais.... Autrement... Nada ! Croire.... Pouvoir.... Balivernes.... Contrairement.. Vôtre.... Tina-Mary


Blessed mother in the name of your son Jesus Christ please hear my prayer is for Amanda and Nicholas bearings they are so lost they need your help so very much I am so afraid for them with their alcohol and their drug addiction please keep them the prayers and Theresa and Donna and Debbie they too are going through trying times and need your strength your protection and I

Lasean Anderson

Dear Heavenly Father God please give me strength and peace and healing 🙏 for me and my family please keep us safe please give from harm in your name I pray Amen


Please help pray that the world will be free from the COVID-19 pandemic virus.


Please help pray that the devils and evil spirits will stop disturbing relationships of all kinds and leave this world.


My Father Lord God, I am having trouble with my health. Please Father I know you know all about me. I know you can heal my body. I am grateful for all that you do for me. Thank you -- you are a wonderful Father. Also Father look upon the homeless --please Father provide them with food and a warm place to stay. Thank you.. Amen


Please help pray that these friends and relatives do realise their mistakes and help patch me up with my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier and help patch our 2 families back together.


Please help pray that the cursed is removed from my family and my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier\'s family and returned back to the lady and help reunite me and my husband, and my family with his family.


Please help pray for me that my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier will change his mind, stop everything, realise his mistakes and will take me back and will drop me an email giving me the good news of taking me back to live with him through email.


Please help pray for me that my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier\'s family together with my family will change their mind, stop everything, realise their mistakes and will help reunite me with my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier and both families reunite as one.


My mother-in-law, Mary Louis Xavier has lost the use of her right hand to Corticobasal Degeneration Disease (CBDD). Please help pray that she will be cured and healed completely.


Please help pray that you will make my husband, Dixon Peter Xavier come to know through his dream that friends and relatives have done this injustice of separating us and make him to take me back as his wife by informing me through email.

Anne Marie gallant

I need to hear my mom voice


dear feather god please can you removed all evil spiritual into my head and and can u cleanse my soul make my life a better one let me see love and light some in please can u save my relationship with me and my ex boyfriend sam mckay please let me and him be happy again can u remove the blockages from my love life so be happy again

Lasean Andersonn

Dear Heavenly Father God please put your arms around me and please Heal I\'m going through a hard time rightnow please give strength to overcome the pain please I need you my father please keep me and my family safe at all times in your name I 🙏 Amen Amen


🙏Dear God.. I am in need of some help with my health and my financial situation.. I have really been struggling with my health latley and myself and children we need the help with some financial uplift to.we would be forever grateful and I will continue to help others I am hoping for a miracle amen 🙏


pl protect me mother mary pl help me pl make my wish come true


Father God i pray for freedom from truma negative thoughts and a new home lift this darkness from me and persecution amen

Flossie Hebert

My granddaughter has been abused by her husband for 17 years to please pray for her to get the help she needs she has left him again n hopefully it will be done this time she has finally admitted she needs professional help with her depression self esteem n needs to fine her way back n make a new life for herself her name is Britney


Father God, I pray that you will lift this blanket of debt that enfolds us. We need your assistance and I need to bring APP home but blocks continue to stand in our way. Please Father help us to stop the blackness that surrounds us for some unknown reason. In Jesus name, Amen


Please pray for me and my family spiritual physical and financial




I pray that God does something so extraordinary in my life where I will not have to worry about Bills, I can help others in need, I can marry the love of my life and that I will have a closer walk with Jesus

Lasean Anderson

Dear Jesus this New year I just want Healing Health and Happiness please Bless my Kids Jesus please give me strength and peace and faith to overcome any and every thing in this world I pray in your name Amen 🙏 ❤

Lasean Andersonn

Jesus please guide me through everything that comes my way please keep giving me faith and patience and protection a) my life I pray in your name Amen 🙏


Jesus Thank You for everything you do for me and my family I need your help it is desperate Jesus I pray for you to take my hurt that my son Joey has given me I pray you please bring me happiness and financial abundance to be on my own and away from him not away from my Grandson Mason though I pray someone hire me and pay me well to be free to leave and live on my own Amen


Jesus Thank You for everything you do for me and my family I need your help Jesus the situation with my Son\'s girlfriend Celeste is getting worse I need help with keeping calm and having faith that you will help Mason and Joey get away from her I pray you hear me and answer my prayer so all of us can live in peace give Joey the wisdom to leave her now Amen

Lasean Anderson

Please my heavenly Father God please give me strength and have mercy on me please keep me safe and my kids safe please give me a piece of mind Father I pray in your name Amen 🙏 ❤


Jesus Thank You for everything you have done for me and my family Please help my Grandson Mason with his hurt feelings and anger with his Father for choosing to be with Celeste and not him help my Son Joseph get away from Celeste and come back to Mason his son please keep Celeste away from Joseph and Mason as well as this house Thank You Amen


Cure me from my addictions and look after my kidney




I pray for health and happiness always\' for my family, especially for my daughter\'s concerns. Thank you for answering prayers for Leona. daughter. She has concerns You know all about. Give her strength.


Jesus Thank You for everything you have done for me and my family I need your help Jesus I feel so alone and unloved I have lost everything my future looks very bleak I am begging you Lord Jesus help keep Satan and his followers from hurting me any further I love my family and I need their love in return I pray for health and financial abundance so I can help others Amen


Jesus Thank you for all you do for me and my family please help me to do your work to bring people closer to you and away from evil please help me to get a job very soon and an apartment also a car to get around I am willing to work hard for these things I promise to do your work for as long as you want me I pray for health and financial abundance for me and my Son\'s Amen


Jesus Thank You for everything you do for me and my family please give my Son Joseph the strength and wisdom to see his girlfriend Celeste is not good for his Son Mason or for himself let him see she has a drinking problem and he needs to keep her out of his life and out of Mason\'s life please give him the wisdom to break up with her permanently I pray for this amen


Jesus Thank You for everything you do for me and everything you will do for me and my family please open my Son Joseph\'s eyes and give him strength and wisdom to see clearly that Celeste is a toxic person to be around him and his Son let him see clearly that he has to break up permanently with Celeste and go on with his life find another woman to share his life with Amen


MOST HOLY ONE OF ISREAL, let the words of My mouth and the sanity of My deeds move YOUR HEART TOWARDS AND NOT AWAY from Me, and the Desires of My Heart, Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit! LORD GOD, Please allow YOUR ABUNDANCE OF BLESSINGS TO CHASE AND OVERTAKE ME FROM EVERLASTING TO EVERLASTING, that YOU may grant with a spirit of the GOOD SAMARITAN WHOM YOU BLESSED ACCORDING T

Johnny B Carter

Thanks you father for your love and support and I hope you have done well and that your love is always

Ann Marie

Please pray for my friend Derick he has financial issues and can\'t get back to his homeland to see his young adult son .


Jesus I Thank You for everything you have done for me and will do for me and my family please bring my Son\'s back to me open their hearts to me I pray my Son Joseph keeps custody of his Son Mason that Joseph resists any temptation to drink or use any drugs and to break free of his girlfriend Celeste\'s hold on him let him see clearly they are toxic together please Amen


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for all that you have done for me, through Jesus Christ




Jesus Thank you for everything you have done for me and will do for me and my family let me be truly happy and find a good job that pays well a safe clean apartment that I can afford bring my Son\'s home to me and my Grandson keep us five together healthy and happy keep us loving each other no matter what happens keep us closely bonded and truly loyal to one another Amen

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